Sunday, January 1, 2012

Selamat Hari Krismas!

Merry Christmas from Malaysia!  I'm so sorry that it has been so long since I last wrote, but I have been SOO busy, and after I explain I'm sure you will agree.  Starting about 5 weeks ago, I have not been at home for more than two days in a row because I have been traveling around so much!  I started off going to Singapore for 4 days with my host family and my host god brother.  In Singapore we traveled around the island a bit and went to Universal Studios, Singapore, where I met someone from Westport - which is only 3-ish minutes away from my home town - because we happened to sit next to each other on a roller coaster.  Such a small world!  The next day I left to go to my Indian Host Family's home because one of their cousins was getting married and they wanted me to see what happens behind the scenes.  I loved it, it is no secret that I love the Indian culture!  I got to see the Rangoli (pictures drawn with rice), the intricate henna being drawn, and I got to wear a Sari for the first time!  I even got my own Sari, and I will try to post pictures of it later.  Next I went up north with my host parents to an island called Penang, so I could meet my host grandma.  I spent a few days traveling around the island with my host dad's family and learning more about the Chinese culture.  After Penang the four of us (host grandma included) went up to Langkawi, which is a popular tourist destination in Malaysia.  It is mostly known for being duty free, but it also has lots of beautiful islands and beaches.  - to be finished later